Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Missin' My Hubby

Today has been a very hectic day. Jason is out of town this week. He is working in Lansing and will not be home until Friday. Today I took six kids to vacation bible school (which they all loved). After that crazy madness I brought them all back home for lunch and started cleaning the house. Let me tell you - I didn't get much of anything done. Having six kids in the house that you are taking care of ( 3 of mine & 3 of my girl friends) plus all the neighborhood kids running in and out it sure does take a toll on ya. I can honestly say that I am whipped. They were all here until about six this evening. Then I fixed my kids dinner, bathed them, and put in a movie. Hopefully it will be quiet for the rest of the evening. It is not even quite 8 yet though - so we will see. Anyhow, the reason for my post is -- due to such a hectic schedule on my end and Jason's we have not had the chance to talk much on the phone today. I am missing him alot today. I just would really like to give him a great big ol' hug and tell him that I love him. Cheesy I know but it's true. I am sure most of you have those days too just like I am. I look forward to his return on Friday. Maybe then we will get a chance for some much needed husband and wife time. But for now, I leave you with a few of my favorite pictures of the two of us!!
Jason & I sharing a moment.
Us hanging out on the beaches of Gulf Shores.

Us searching for sea shells to bring home to the kids.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Timer

Okay so today is my first time blogging. It feels a little strange but I am sure that it will become more natural as I continue to do this more and more.

I woke up this morning and told myself today is going to be a great day. I started watching a few kids this morning. Trying to get myself back into the routine of waking up early might be a little challenging - however it might not be a bad thing. Me and the kids are definately on our summer schedule. We ALL sleep in until ten or ten thirty. I can say I honestly have my kiddo's trained. So, a little nervous about having a house full of kids again but I know it will all be okay.

I will post again later. Right now this all just seems a little too weird for me.