Monday, November 9, 2009

HAWAII - Long Time Coming : )

I know alot of you have been waiting to hear all about my Hawaiian Vacation. Well, I am going to have to try my hardest to blog about this vacation every night this week - one thing at a time. So much to share and tell that just one post will not do it. So, I am going to start this one with my favorite part of my vacation. I decided about a two weeks before we left Michigan that I wanted to do something "special" for Jason. I wanted to make his feel loved and appreciated. With that said I found the perfect thing. We were going to spend the night in Maui (which was the 1st island we stopped at - we rented a room at the Westin Resort). As I was thumbing through the website I came across this private breakfast deal. Well, it was far from a deal - it was very expensive. But, it will definately be a memory that will last a lifetime. This is one of those breakfasts that you see on the bachelor and bachelorette. We were wined and dined to it's fullest. I loved every minute of it and Jason well he was in awe that I had kept this private breakfast a secret from everyone!!
We woke up and in the morning and got ourselves ready. I had butterflies in my stomach I was so excited. We met our waiter down in the lobby of the hotel. He took us to this beautiful private table away from all the other traffic. It was a place where him and I could just be. This is the table that we walked up on. There was fresh squeezed orange juice and pineapple juice along with the amazing kona coffee waiting at the table. The site was beautiful. And he was very surprised.
Our waiter brought out this amazing fruit plate. It was full of mango, pineapple, strawberries, etc. It was the best fruit ever - not to mention the presentation of it was amazing. There was also a plate full of tons of pastries. It was delicious. We also had a fabulous bottle of sparkling wine. It truely was wonderful. The view was spectacular. The only thing missing was the cameras to feel like we were stars. : )

I truely felt like we were on vacation here. This does not ever happen in every day life. : )

This was the best part. Champange and Strawberries. OMG was this ever so good. We dipped them in the sugar and then the cream. It was so so good. I loved all the flowers that were all over the table and all the food plates that were brought out.

After all the yummy goodness - they brought out the main course. We had like 3 courses before the breakfast plates were brought out. Rediculous I know....
Jason had roasted potatoes, sword fish, & a spinich breakfast burrito. Delish is all I can say.

I had the BEST crab cake I have EVER had in my life. It truely was devine. That white thing on top of my crab cake was a poached egg. I love how they add all these fun touches to this food. Again I love all the flowers everywhere. We were treated like royality. And it was only the beginning of our vacation. It was a perfect start to a perfect day (at least that day was a perfect one). You will soon learn that lots happend on our vacation that most people probably do not encounter when on a once in a life time vacation.

These next 2 pictures are a few shots I took from our table. Maui was simply beautiful. And to be able to spend it with my hubby that morning was a moment I will cherish and remember forever.
I would give ANYTHING to go back to this very moment and this very day. It was PERFECT. Sunshine, palm trees, warmth, love, & beauty all in the same place at the same time. I miss it & think about it often.
More of this wonderful vacation to come.....stay tuned.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Definately NOT my favorite HOLIDAY

So this year Halloween was a bit different for me. Actually if I was being honest it was HORRIBLE. I did not like anything about it. Now, I thought for sure that I it would have been PERFECT because it actually fell on a saturday. I figured things would run smoothly and we wouldn't have to rush etc. Boy was I ever wrong. Halloween is always a busy for us. We try to please everyone. That would be all the grandparents. I don't mind - it just tends to be a bit much for the kiddo's. Well, for me and Jay too! BUT, every year we have the same routine. We get the kids ready. We take pictures and head to my dad's parents. Then to my mom's parents. My mom and dad meet us over there so that we don't have to run to their house too. That is a bonus. After that we head over to Jason's mom's house. Then to Jason's dad's mom's. We try to spend 25 - 30 minutes at each place. So only giving that much time it definately makes for a lot of rush - rush - rush. This year was a bit different. We didn't make it to our 1st stop. The kids REFUSED to get ready this year. They were all cranky and would not cooperate. Brendan didn't want anything to do with dressing up. Colby was not feeling well. And Chaley well she was just being Chaley. And for those of you that know me and my family well - you know exactly what I am talking about. Bye the time I got them dressed (which really was not much this year - no make up or anything - simply just putting a costume on) I was the crankiest of all crankiest. I took them outside to try to take some pictures. NOPE they were NOT going to cooperate. Brendan was complaining about not being able to walk with his friend across Apple Ave (hello he's only 11 - not OK) but he didn't want to see that. He wanted to do it anyways. Chaley was ready for bed and poor Colby was running a mild fever. Can you see where this is going?? We went to my Grandma's house. My mom was there - we litteraly walked in said hello and left. I felt bad but I could handle the way my kids were acting. We got into the car and headed to Jason's mom's. When we got there to our surprise she was not there. She ended up going to the Oakridge football game that was scheduled last minute that day. So her and her hubby stopped in at Jay's grandma's house for a quick second on their way home. That was nice of them for sure. Anyhow, we ended up at Jay's grandma's house for the night. It was freezing, the kids noses were running, and they were cold. It was NOT my idea of a good time. Hardly anyone was handing out candy. And actually there were not many people out trick or treating. I personally think Halloween is WAAAYYYYY over rated. Can you understand why I think that way after reading this horrible post??!!

I hope you all' had way more fun at halloween this year then I did. I leave you with a few pictures. Nothing fancy for sure.

Bat Man & Bat Girl! Chaley wanted to be just like her brother. The costume was really cute until I Had to dress it up for her to be warm.

He definaltely made the BEST batman around! I love him for wanting to make this picture perfect for me. Even if he was not feeling well and ended up having the flu after this was all said and done. Poor little man.

We were at the end of the street getting ready to head in for the night and all these little girl attacked my Brendan! They were lovin on him. So me the crazy photographer had to steal a shot of them - and you can bet your sweet butt I will have this out at graduation. All the girlies love my boy!! That makes my heart smile for sure.