Thursday, October 30, 2008

I love this cute little town!

Jason took me away last week for the whole weekend (no kids) to celebrate out 12th annivesary. I can not begin to tell you how excited I was. Him & I tend to do alot of things with friends and family but never just him and I. This would probably be the first time in at least 3 years we have ventured off on our own - just the two of us. And boy was it ever nice. We went to Frankenmuth, MI. This town is way too much fun. Lots to do and see. We stayed at a Fairfield Inn Suite that was located right on the main strip of Frankenmuth. (When I say strip it's only like litearlly a mile maybe mile and a half). We hung out at the prime outlests in Birch Run. We both had to get that little shopping spree out of our systems. Then we walked the strip. We had so much fun. The bavarian Inn was a great sight to see. I took this picture of it from across the street. Needless to say we never did make it to that side of the street to check it out better. Too much other stuff to do on the side we were on. LOL We bought some yummy cheese from the cheese haus - best cheese ever. We also ate a fabulous dinner at Zenders. They are famous for their chicken dinners. Let me tell you how amazing their food was. WOW. If you have never been there before - please make a special trip just to try the food. You will fall in love with not only the food but the building and everything inside it too.

I love this picture. Everyone in this town is all about being festive. That is what makes this town so unique and beautiful.
Jason took me on a beautiful cariage ride through this cute little town. It was so sweet and so romantic. This is our horse buddy. I felt so bad for the big guy. He seriously had to pull us all the way up this huge hill. I felt so bad. Jay kept reassuring me that it was okay. They were made to do this kind of thing. I just didn't feel right letting this poor horse do all the work. It was kind of neat listening to his hoofs on the pavement. Okay I know - strange.
This is my favorite picture. I just wish it would have turned out a bit better. We really did have a wonderful time.

I do like taking the self portraits. Although we do look a little washed out. But, cute.

Walking through the streets we came across this taffy store. I love taffy. And I love the fact that you get to watch them make it through the window. This is not something you get to see often. So, of course I had to take a picture of it to share with everyone.

Then this is the final result. So of course we had to buy some. It smelled so good when we walked into the store. However, the taffy itself was not all that great. I was very disappointed.

Jason & I spent some fabulous quailty time together. I loved every minute of it. I can't wait until we can do something like this again. Thanks for a great weekend honey. I love you! Happy Anniversay - it's pretty amazing we have been married for 12 years already. Thanks for making this anniversary so specail for me. I will never forget it.

We have a new addition to the family.

This is Niko! Niko is our 10 month old puppy. Yea, I know he really does not look like a puppy. He has to be pushing at least 70 pounds. He's a big boy. I love this dog to death. He is such a sweet boy. Well....Jason and I rescued another husky. Yes, I know what were we thinking. Well, she too is a sweet sweet girl. Her name is Meeka. Also knows as Midnight. Her previous owners named her midnight - we thought that bringing her into a new home and whole new atmosphere that it was only fitting to give her a new name.
This is Meeka!!! We called her Meeka only once. She comes to that name everytime. I think she likes it. We rescued her from a pole barn ( long story ). All I know is that I find peace with myself knowing we gave her a new & good home to come too. She is loved by the whole Wall household. Not to mention Niko is in LOVE. Yes, I said love. He is so happy she is here. Oh and did I mention when we got her we found out she was in heat!!! Yup....!!
Honestly do you realize how hard it is to keep the two apart! It's IMPOSSIBLE. She is only 8 months old and not ready for puppies. I can't imagine if she ends up pregnant what a vetinarian is going to say to me. I am going to pay hell that is for sure. Only time will tell. But, for now...Meeka is extreamly happy in her new home. And I am so glad she is not out in a pole barn crying for some attention. Welcome to our home Meeka! We love you so much already.

Are you ready??!!

Are you ready for an update?! I know I am. I have so much to blog about. I have just been such a slacker lately. I have to update you all on lots of things such as Colby's birthday, Meeka our new puppy, my anniversary weekend spent in Frankenmuth, scrapbook pages, and the final days of football/cheerleading. Did I mention I am so GLAD that is over with. Anyhow, my goal is to post a couple differnt blogs tonight while watching Grey's!! So stay tuned.......

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fricano's Pizza After Party

After the big football game we decided to go to Fricano's pizza place. This pizza is so yummy. I was afraid of what it might do to me since this pizza is a grease bomb. However, it did not bother me at all. Yippie. It was so yummy too. My poor kids were so tired. We did not get to Fricano's until after ten. They were all pretty hungry though. They did some coloring while we were wating for our food. Miss Chaley was getting pretty sleepy. Jason cut her up some pizza on a plate and before he was even finshed my princess was asleep. I think you will enjoy the pictures just as much as I did taking them. You will have to excuse the color of them...the lighting in the pizza joint was not very camera friendly.

Football, Band, & Cheerleading all in one!! Go Blue.

Are you ready for some Oakridge football??!! What a game. It was so much fun. Jason's nephew (#34) Justin is playing on the Varsity team this year. I can't believe he is old enough to be playing vasity ball already. Makes me feel really old. Anyhow - Oakridge was playing Montague. The game sold out early Friday. 5,000 people. Crazy. Anyhow Oakridge won of course!!! It was a good game - if you were not there you missed out.
As I mentioned in an earlier post Brendan started playing in 5th grade band last week. His instructor had them all out on the field plalying 4 days later. And yes, they played at the biggest game of the year so far. It was so fun. Brendan and all his friends walked out on the track with there new instruments proud to be supporting Oakridge. Brendan seemed a little nervous.
I am very proud of you Brendan! I can't believe you are old enough to be playing in the band already.

Chaley was asked to cheer at the game with the Varsity cheerleaders because she participated in a cheer clinic earlier in the week. She had a great time. Her and her friends were full of spunk and very photogenic.

Colby & Koleman hung out in the stands with the gang. When I say gang I mean everyone. Me, Jay, my mom, Jay's mom & Garry, his dad Mike, Becky his sister, Scott his brother and his wife Chris. Pops, Ben, Jamie, Ricky, and all our kids. It was fun! Glad we were able to attend. It was fun watching Colby & Koleman get excited while watching the game.
It was intense at times and the boys felt it too even being so young. I am sure it has alot to do with them playing football at such a young age already. They love it.
This is my friend Jamie & her little girl Emerson. Love this picture of the two of them. Emmy is such a sweetie. Jamie says differnt - I don't believe her though. Jamie and I have been the best of friends since 6th grade.
I love this little boy! He did well sitting in the stands for almost 3 hours. I was proud of him too.
When Chaley was finished cheering she came up and sat next to me and my mom. My spent most of the game hold the phone up in the air so my dad could hear the game all the way in Wyoming. I thought it was very sweet of her to do that. I know my arm would have probably fallen asleep and started to get heavy and hurt. You are a trooper mom. The things you will do for love.
Oakridge took the win with a 28-21 score. It was a fantastic game. Both teams did a heck of a job. My kids had fun & we spent some family time together as well. I look forward to the next one we are all able to go too.

Last Weekends Baby Shower

So last weekend Chaley Jaelyn & I went to a baby shower at Jason's grandma's! Grandma Alida put together a wonderful party. The shower was in honor of baby girl Storms. Her mamma is Jason's cousin Mysti. I took a picture of this very unique gift that was given by Aunt Dania. How cute and creative is this. It's a bunch of diapers rolled and stacked into a cake design. Then it's decorated with a a few baby items. I thought it was adorable. And it makes a perfect gift.
This is the "mom to be, Mysti"! I love her shirt - it reads "Earth Mother"! Too cool. Anyhow, Mysti - We would like to congratulate you on your pregnancy. We can't wait to meet baby Leona May Stomrs! Good Luck with your delivery.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Crazy wonderful weekend ahead!

I am so glad it's Friday. It's been a long week that is for sure. Jason finally made it home early this morning. He was gone for 3 1/2 weeks. We are greatful to have him back home with us. Tonight we are heading to the Oakridge/Montague football game. This game has been being talked about for a few weeks now. I am sure Oakridge will cream Montague. Good luck boys. Chaley attended an awesome cheer camp this week at the school. And because she did this she is going to be cheering with the varsity cheerleaders the 1st half of the game tonight. She is super excited. Brendan joined band this past week. Wow has it ever been noisy in the house. Well, he started on the Trumpet Monday. Tonight the band instructor is going to have him playing in the pregame. Should be very interesting.
Tomorrow starts a new busy day. Tomorrow is Mr. Colbys 7th birthday. He is super excited. We have two football games between the three kids and then a family birthday party at 7pm at my mom's house. So, I have to get up in the morning and go shopping. I have presents to buy and cakes to pick up. Yes, I said cakes because on Sunday we are having a friends birthday party. Colby has invited 15 friends to join us at Jumpin Jupiter skate zone. Yup you did not read that incorrectly, I said 15 kids. It will be fun for sure. And what the heck it's only for 2 hours right. I know, I am insane - it's okay I admited that earlier this week when I was planning the party.
I will be sure to post some pictures later in the weekend!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Friday!!!!!

So today I get home from work only to find my baby boy in his bed sleeping. That is extreamly odd for him to be sleeping at that hour. I asked him if he was feeling okay. He said that his head hurt really bad. And of course he felt warm. I was almost in tears. I hate it when my little ones do not feel well. So, of course I did the "mom" thing - gave him some meds, made his bed all nice and comfy, set up a tv tray next to his bed with some kleenex, water bottle, and dinner. He asked for some easy mac. So of course that is what he gets. I love this little boy so much. He is just too sweet. I can't believe he will be 7 next saturday. Colby bug - I love you & I hope you feel better soon. Here is a little funny story. I was sitting here on the couch catching up with a friend from Cali on yahoo messenger when all of a sudden I notice that Miss Chaley is missing a tooth. I nearly flipped a frickin lid. Chaley lost her 1st tooth and I had no idea. Not only did I not know anything about it - I never even knew it was loose let alone gone! She has no idea where it is either. I honestly do not think she even knew it was gone. Now tell me how crazy is all of that?! I told her she is a beautiful toothless little girl.

Today I was messing around outside with my NEW camera. I took a couple cute shots of Chaley while she was waiting for the bus. The one below is my FAVORITE. She is just growing way too fast too. I have always been told that they will be grown and gone in the blink of an eye.

Well, it's friday night. Brendan is at a friends. Colby is not feeling well. Chaley wants to go shopping (typical little girl) and I have lots stuff to do around the house. I am also wishing thy hubby was home from Maryland. Soon - he keeps saying. Soon is just not soon enough!