Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Day

My valentines day was pretty special this year. Jason lined up a babysitter and took me out for dinner on Thursday. He wanted to beat the rush of people out and about on Friday & Saturday. That was really nice not to have to deal with all of that. We had a wonderful dinner and a few drinks. Afterwards he took me to Kohls so that he could buy me an outfit. Well, I got more than just an outfit. I found 2 dresses on clearance for our cruise. One was 4 dollars and one will be worn on one of our two formal nights on the cruse. It's so pretty and even better yet I got it for 11.20 cents. You SERIOUSLY can not beat that. He got some shoes, a new swimsuit, and an outfit also. It was nice hanging out and shopping together. We had a great time.
Well, on Saturday I left to head out to Kohls again to hit the clearance racks with my mom and aunt. To my surprise when I came home he had another gift waiting for me on the table. It was seriously the most beautiful arrangement of flowers. It made me smile from ear to ear. He said that he walked into Ray & Sharron's and all they had made up were Red Rose boquets. He told the lady he didn't want a whole boquet of red roses because his wife was not all one color. He told them that I was VIBRANT (I know so sweet) and that he wanted to have lots of color. He wanted to know if they would add some red roses into a boquet that he made up himself. They told him they couldn't. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! They said that what they had made up is what they were selling and that they could not seprate any of them. If I would have been Jason I would have walked out of the store then....but he didn't. He continued to talk to them. He ended up picking out 12 roses all VIBRANT colors and added some Lilly's and puprle babies breath (I think). Anyhow, the arrangement was stunning and smelled so beautiful. He made it very SPECIAL for me because he picked it out. It was not pre-arranged. He put it all together with his OWN thought in mind.
I THANK YOU SO MUCH JASON FOR MAKING MY DAY SO SPECIAL. It really meant alot to me. I truely LOVE you with all my heart.
Miss Chaley recieve a single pink rose from her daddy too. Of course it was not real (she can keep it forever this way) but she loved it. He made her feel loved and special too. She adores the flowers & her daddy just as much as I do. I took a few pictures of her the other night smelling them. She is so sweet - I love watching her eyes light up. ENJOY the pictures.

New Things Happening Around Here

Hello to all my blogging buddies & readers.

I am excited to tell you all about my new job!! Yup you did read that new job. I am still driving the big yellow limo and working at the middle school. But, with everything I want to do this summer with the kids and my husband I had to take on yet another role in my life. (most of you are thinking like she has time for that) - I often tell myself that same thing. But,I also need lots more cash for our hawaii trip in September. So, I have chosen to go down the path of direct sales. I have set my goals high and I plan to achieve them. I am going to become a Lia Sophia Advisior. Which means, I will be selling jewelry. It is really great stuff. Very trendy and lots to choose from. I think you will all love it. I would love nothing more if you guys would allow me to come into your home and have a show for you. I will even throw in some little EXTRA perks for you if you chose to help me out. Just an FYI when I held my jewelry show I ended up with 445 dollars worth of free jewerly. So if you are interesed in checking out what I have to offer please let me know. Until then.......just keep smiling. Spring is around the corner and we all know what that means....SUMMER is just after that.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's been a long while.....

So this picture that is above is suppose to be at the bottom of this post. I can't figure this thing out. But this goes at the end - so when you read the last few sentences you will understand. :)

I have been EXTREMLY busy with my sweet little puppies. I would have never imagined that caring for 7 four legged babies would have taken up so much of my time. Bye the end of it all I was mentally exhaused & an emotional mess. I love each and every one of them to pieces. They are all gone now. I let them all go to thier new homes over the past 5 days. I think I found good homes for all of them. I question one family I let one go too - but I have come to terms with the fact that I can't protect them forever. Now given I had the space I would have kept them all and never let any of them go. It still amazes me how small they were just seven weeks ago. They couldn't see or hear. They were fully taken care of their sweet mamma. With in two weeks of them being born their eyes started to open and they were trying to move. Over the next 2 weeks they became more vocal and a lot more moble. They started playing with each other too. It was so cute. As the days the days went bye we all (me, Jay, Brendan, Colby, & Chaley) became more and more attached to them. It was fun to watch them develop into their own little personality. At week 4 things started to become quite a challenge. Mamma started to not want to be with the pups as much. She was not wanting to feed as often anymore. So it was time for this mamma to intervine. I had to start blending up puppy chow into a powder and adding warm water to it at least 5 times a day. They would plop their little feet in there and slide around, fall in it, etc. They made a huge mess. It was not fun cleaning up, not to mention cleaning the puppies up. We had to start cleaning up their potty mess as well. Each day became harder and harder to keep up with. It was mentally and physically exhausting to keep up with along with every day life. I think I was starting to go just a little crazy. BUT in the end I have decided that I would do it again. I posted some pictures of them from a few days ago. They loved it outside. They loved to play together and they loved to let me take pictures of them. I will miss them all dearly. Here are a few pictures of them before they all went to their new homes.

Below we have the momma and daddy playing outside with their pups.

We have Brendan & Bella

This is Sage - too too cute.

This is one of my favorite pictures yet. She is stunning....this is chica.
Another favorite picture - this is Nova isnt' he gorgeous.

And here is Meika with Meme. This was the last pup to go home. I sensed she was sad that she only had one left. It made my heart break in two. But, I know it will all be okay.
I have enjoyed this journey. I have had so many emotions through it all....but I am thinking I would definately do it ONE more time.