Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Siberian Husky Story So Far......

So our puppies arrived on December 28th! Watching the birth was amazing. That was the 1st time I had witnessed anything of a sort. Meika did so good too. She had 7 puppies in about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Could you imagine giving birth to seven babies?? Oh boy - that would be awful. She did so well - I was so proud of her. Meika had 3 boys and 4 girls. She is such a great mamma. This picture above was taken three days after they were born. Isn't she so beautiful?? She is a sweetheard too.

This photograph was caputerd on New years day. I was walking past the puppies to head downstairs and I saw this. My heart melted. I thought it was the most precious thing ever. Mamma and her baby sleeping.
And again with her babies.

I love how they are all clusterd here keeping warm.
This photo is another one of my favoites. This is Niko - the proud papa. After the pups were born Meika would not allow him to get near them. It was not until about a week or so later she allowed him to check them out. He now cleans them and takes care of the pups with her. It is awesome and from what I am told unheard of. They are all resting here...mamma is napping with her pup and proud pappa is standing guard - he is the protector. I think it's so cool.
I was just trying to get a pretty picture of her baby blues. I still like what I got even if she does look mean here. Her mask makes her look not so friendly...however that is simply just not the truth. This beauitful dog is so so sweet. You would fall in love with her as soon as you seen her.
Sleeping puppy!!
Our "runt"! I love her.
This picture and the next one just crack me up. They LOVE to sleep on their backs. They are so much like their parents. Both of them are always sleeping on their back with their feet up in the air. You can walk into our house and you will find one or two dogs laying upside down on their back with their feet up in the air sleeping. It cracks me up.

More sleeping puppies!!!
Okay so here are the close up of each individual puppy. This is puppy #1. His name is Dash. Brendan named them all. He put alot of time and thought into so I am going to stick with it until they go with there new owners.
Puppy #1 - Dash (He has two white dash mark on his head & neck Just like Niko did when he was born - so we stuck with the tradition Niko had when he was first born. They were both boys and born 1st with two white dashes on the back/head area)
Puppy #2 - Raja (Girl) Top & Below
Below Puppy #3 - Mikey
#3 - Mikey Again
Puppy #4 - Bella (she has one black eye and lots of white it's so cute)

Puppy #5 - Tiki
Tiki - Girl
Puppy #6 Chica (Girl)
Chica Again
Puppy #7 - Meme
The puppies eyes just opened up a few days ago. It was so cool to see them actually get to see the world for the 1st time. They are starting to walk and be very vocal. I love it. These puppies are my world right now. I am going to hate to see them leave because I love them all soo much.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Krazy Kristin

This post is for you since you do not have face book. I wanted to tell you thanks for a fun night last night. We had lots of laughs and a great time. I look forward to our next girls night out.

Oh and sorry I didn't call you when Meika went into labor. I will get some pictures up on this thing yet today! I PROMISE!!!!!!

Have a great weekend.