Thursday, March 5, 2009

Perma Ink

So the story begins.......
A few weeks back Leslie, Jay & I met up to get a tattoo. To make a very long story short we were not able to get them done that day. We were bummed but so glad that we waited. We ended up getting a hold of Lonnie. He is a guy that has done work on Jason before and had went to school with him as well. We made and appointment and went with it. So this past Saturday we met up again and got inked. What an experience!! I was torn as to what I wanted to get. I knew I wanted my kids names and that was it. I had also decided that I had to have a butterfly somewhere. I am a butterfly girl. A butterfly to me signifies, beauty, good luck, & peace. So why not have something meaningful with my kids names. I literally decided what I wanted when I said down in the driver seat of my car that morning. It was the oddest thing but at that moment it all came to me. So off we went. I told Lonnie what I wanted he drew it up and bam - it was time to put that on the top of my foot. It hurt like who done it! I screamed, tensed up, and managed to say a few other choice words. However, I really like it! I hope you do too. Below I added some photo's of our experience.

"Me holding Leslie's hand (we love each other) when she has hers done. I do believe hers only took about 3 minutes."
The final product - very meaningful I might add. It says "live in the moment" in Hebrew.
Thanks to Jay and Les for my support. I could not have done this alone. I pry would have back out after the first butterfly. But because of them I was able to continue. Leslie held my leg down for me and Jason held my hand. They switched spots too - my tattoo took about an hour and 45 minutes.
At one point I thought for sure I was going to leave bruise marks on Leslie from gripping her so hard. Thanks for being my support Lester!!!
The finished product!!!! Do you like?? It's a little red. Day 2 & 3 hurt the worst.
This is one from yesterday. It's still a little red by the top of the toe area but it feels so much better and the swelling has went down tremendously. The tops of my toes and the front part of the ankle area has managed to bruise. Weird as that may seem.
Here is Jason getting worked on. He is a HUGE trooper. He has Lonnie add Colby & Chaley's names to him. He also added some inside tribal lines to go around the barbed wire he already had. You can see where he did the "new" work because it's a much bolder black. Lonnie is planning to touch up the barbed wire and skull head thing later. But, all in all I think it looks good.

This is what it looked like after he was finished. OUCH all the red is where he was bleeding. The picture underneath this one is what it was suppose to look like. It's still healing and every day looks better and better.
This one it looks much better.
WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!! I will cherish this for the rest of my life - literally.